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Racist Craig Cobb Wants to Name North Dakota Town After Trump

A white supremacist who gained national attention for trying to take over a town in North Dakota two years ago is back at it. Now, Craig Cobb says he has his eye on another town – and he wants to name it after Donald Trump.

Cobb says he put $10,000 down last month for two lots and an old bank in the center of Antler, N.D., just a short distance from the Canadian border.
Cobb planned to convert the bank into a white supremacy church and sell the residential lots to what he claims are an estimated 20 of his followers, WDAY-TV in Fargo reports.

His intention is to change the town's name to “Trump Creativity,” or “Creativity Trump,” in honor of Donald Trump, who Cobb admires deeply, the television station reports. 

Cobb has voiced various neo-Nazi, white supremacy beliefs.   Most recently he appears to be espousing beliefs of the Creativity Movement, which promotes what it claims is the inherent superiority and “creativity” of the white race.  That’s why he wants a whites-only community, he says.

Earlier this summer, Cobb claimed in a Facebook posting that he had collected 8,500 signatures on a petition supporting his plan to build a “Pioneer Little Europe” community in Antler.

But now a glitch has developed for the 64-year-old Cobb, who has still not received the deed to the Antler properties and currently lives in nearby Sherwood, N.D.

Antler Mayor Bruce Hanson says the city is going to pay $35,000 to take over more than 20 parcels in Antler, including the three sold to Cobb by former resident Jim Lozensky.

The mayor admitted the city bought the property to keep Cobb out of Antler. “We don't want the guy in town,” the Antler mayor told the television station.  “I mean, who does?”

Cobb says the seller wants to reimburse him. “I don't want the check,” Cobb told the Fargo TV station. “We want our church.”

Cobb said Lozensky backed out of their deal because of pressure from Antler residents, a claim the mayor denied.

Cobb attempted to buy property and set-up a white-majority rule in the town of Leith, N.D., about 230 miles south of Antler.  But the gun-toting racist got arrested and was placed on probation after pointing firearms at townsfolk who opposed his brand of white supremacy.

Residents of Leith recently traveled to a town hall meeting in Antler to explain to those property owners what happened in Leith.

The Antler mayor says he believes Cobb’s primary motivator is media attention.

“If I was you, I'd just ignore the guy,” the mayor told the Fargo TV station.

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