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Anti-Muslim Activist Frank Gaffney Interviews White Nationalist Jared Taylor on His Radio Show

Sharing the Stage: Islamophobe Frank Gaffney invites white nationalist Jared Taylor to appear on his radio show. 

On Tuesday, Frank Gaffney, founder of the anti-Muslim “think tank,” Center for Security Policy (CSP), interviewed white nationalist Jared Taylor, on Gaffney’s Secure Freedom radio show. Gaffney’s extension of that invite to one of the most outspoken and prominent white nationalists is a new low for a man who is used to rubbing shoulders with elected officials including a number of the GOP presidential candidates.

While Gaffney’s comments on Islam and immigration are in line with white nationalists, it is certainly out of character for him to publicly fraternize with them. However, with the mainstreaming of Islamophobia this summer, Gaffney clearly seems to be attempting to both expand his base and broaden his coalition of factions opposed to Muslim immigration to the United States.

On the show, Gaffney noted that this is the first time he has interviewed Taylor on Secure Freedom Radio, and called Taylor’s website American Renaissance “wonderful.”

Gaffney opened by asking Taylor the very title of Taylor’s article, “Is it the death of Europe what we’re seeing at the moment in terms of this migration, this invasion?”

Taylor wasted no time lambasting refugees in response.

It could be the death of America if it continues. What is happening now is touted by liberals as a refugee crisis, but it’s not really a refugee crisis at all. Most of the people that are pouring into Europe now don’t have a ghost of a shadow of a claim to be legitimate refugees under the UN definition. They are coming because they have made a mess of their own countries and they want to live in a country that works better, and Europe works better than all of these places that they’re coming from. But if the Europeans do not have the nerve to turn them back, they will simply be overrun by these people who are alien religiously, culturally, and racially and that eventually will be the end of Europe as we know it.”

Since 1990, American Renaissance has been one of the vilest white nationalist publications, often promoting eugenics and blatant anti-black and anti-Latino racists. In 2005 for example, after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Taylor wrote, “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization—any kind of civilization—disappears.”

Gaffney, in his own way, took to worrying about the future of “Western Civilization” with his usual fear mongering related to Sharia law. 

At some point there will be a very vigorous resistance to the infusion into these countries of large numbers of people who don’t assimilate, many of them Muslim who bring with them a Sharia ideological program that is antithetical to the culture and civilization and polities of European nations. Do you anticipate, as we’re seeing now evidence of increasing violence, notably against women, on the part of these refugees, not all of them by any means but some, rapes now becoming a serious problem in some of the refugee holding areas, and demonstrations and in some cases worse that are breaking out in various parts of Europe when they’re not accommodated to their satisfaction, that you may see in fact Europe devolving once again into the types of cataclysms that it has from time immemorial with, you know, blood letting taking place. Is that overreaching at this point or perhaps just a distant possibility?”

In response, Taylor told Gaffney, with no intended hyperbole:

We have unleashed now what would not be an exaggeration to call almost demonic forces. We have close to a million now of these so-called refugees, most of whom are young men. They are young, single men. Most of whom have never seen a woman in a bikini in their lives. Most of them are part of, as you say, this Sharia culture that despises any woman who walks around with her face uncovered, with her legs bare. These people are going to be all sorts of trouble for Europe for many, many years to come.”

Gaffney finished by saying he “appreciated tremendously” the work Taylor is doing at American Renaissance.



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