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Everything You Need to Know about the World Congress of Families

Ahead of the World Congress of Families conference, the Southern Poverty Law Center in collaboration with Ipas and Political Research Associates has complied research on the event, its origins and just what it means for the anti-LGBT right in the United States.

World Congress of Families

The World Congress of Families (WCF) is one of the key driving forces behind the U.S. religious right’s global export of homophobia and sexism. 

From its headquarters in Rockford, Ill., WCF pursues an international anti-choice, anti-LGBT agenda, seeking to promote conservative ideologies — and codify these in regressive laws and policies — that dictate who has rights as “family,” and who doesn’t. 

Beginning tomorrow and through Thursday, WCF's annual conference begins once again, bringing together some of the U.S. right’s leading opponents of LGBTQ and reproductive justice. They include Brian Brown, Austin Ruse, Samuel Rodriguez, and Sharon Slater—individuals who have made it their business to cultivate cultures of violence and persecution for LGBTQ people and women around the world.

Please click here a comprehensive overview of the World Congress of Families and its network of allies on the anti-LGBT right.

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