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Hatewatch Headlines 11/13/2015

‘Wolves of Vinland’ gather recruits; Craig Cobb’s takeover plans thwarted; Howard University gets racist threat; and more.

Access ADL: Anti-immigration activists Krikorian, Kobach make common cause with extremists.

The Daily Beast: Inside the ‘Wolves of Vinland,’ Virginia’s creepy white-supremacist wolf cult.

Kansas City Star: Nebraska, Kansas towns effectively thwart neo-Nazi Craig Cobb’s attempts at taking them over.

BuzzFeed: White supremacists are thrilled that Donald Trump mentioned ‘Operation Wetback.’

Raw Story: Howard University braces for attack after chilling racist threat: ‘It’s not murder if they’re black.’

WIBX-AM (Utica, NY): ‘Sovereign citizen’ shouts anti-Obama rhetoric at Franklin Square in downtown Utica.

Right Wing Watch: Mike Huckabee claimed ignorance about ‘kill the gays’ pastor’s history of hate rhetoric.

Media Matters: Why are moderators at presidential debates still using this old racial slur?

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