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Three Days After Site Goes Down: Don Black Questioning the Future of Stormfront

Stormfront, the Internet’s most infamous bastion of white supremacy and hate, is inaccessible for the third straight day, leaving the racist board’s founder Stephen Don Black questioning the viability of a mission he began two decades ago.

Citing problems migrating the site’s server to a new host, Black took to his radio program this morning to bemoan several days of troubleshooting that have left him weary with doubts about the site’s future.

“Everything that could be placed in our way has, and everything that could go wrong did,” Black lamented. “It’s a test. How badly do we really want to do this?”

The developments come after Black announcing last Friday that Stormfront would be moving to newer, faster servers. However, Black has been unable to revive the site. The forum’s landing page now reads, “Stormfront is offline. We’ll be back soon,” and features an advertisement for Stormfront Radio. Interestingly, the address bar on the broken site reads “Account Suspended.”

After claiming to have spent 42 hours straight trying to resolve the problem, Black today acknowledged serious concerns about the Stormfront's fate, which has been tied to nearly 100 murders since its creation.

“Last night, I had been up for almost 48 hours straight. Actually, for 42 hours straight working on this,” Black said. “I was getting ready to, well, I was having some dark thoughts about the future of this board. We’ve run into all kinds of obstacles of course, over the years. They all seem to be redoubling. Our enemies seem to be redoubling their efforts.”

It’s unclear whether Stormfront is under a cyberattack, or if the problems are more technical in nature. But Black said Stormfront isn’t the only site he owns experiencing difficulties., Black’s site dedicated to “telling the truth” about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., is also inaccessible due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

“The site is getting DDoS’d right now,” Black explained. “[But] even without, which comes up at the top of the search engines, or did before it was forced down, even without that, the truth is out there. … High school students have been conditioned to reject the truth if they can. Martin Luther King of course has been turned into a saint.”

Despite this, Black is promising to have the situation resolved by migrating to a new server. He dedicated some of his broadcast this morning to reassuring the Stormfront faithful that the site’s data was safe and secure in several different locations. For Black, unsurprisingly, this has become a metaphor for the survival of the white race.

“We’re a race of survivors and people that overcome. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here, if our ancestors had yielded to every obstacle, everything placed in their way, their children wouldn’t have survived,” Black said. “We are blessed with a very unique DNA. We are a race of survivors and a race of conquerors. Certainly we can keep a website going.”

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