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The Annual March Against White Genocide Results in a Bust for Racists

A year after racists put it into action, the March Against White Genocide draws only a handful of people. 

The second annual March Against White Genocide (MAWG), described as a “day of activism” for white nationalists, turned out to be a bust.

Started in 2014 by the shadowy organization White Genocide Project, MAWG tried to educate the general public on the concept of "white genocide" –– a racist trope that says whites are the object of a systematic genocide through non-white immigration, multiculturalism and black-on-white crime, a false narrative propagated by the Council of Conservative Citizens.  

Last year, the White Genocide Project raised considerable alarm by putting billboards in the south that read, “Anti-Racist is Code word for Anti-White.” The phrase is the last sentence of “The Mantra,” a 221-screed written by Robert Whitaker, an aging segregationist now at the top of the American Freedom Party’s presidential ticket.

But he fanfare and excitement didn’t last –– not when it came to this year’s march.  

While the hope was that white nationalists from across the globe would come out in droves to “demand the Worlds attention to the Anti-White Program of “Diversity” that CHASES DOWN whites,” only a handful of people in six states, participated in the march on Saturday.

In New Jersey, one man held a sign on a busy street corner. A woman identified as Sarah with Women for Aryan Unity (WAU) passed out flyers in zip lock baggies early Saturday morning in Wisconsin, a white nationalist stood alone in the center of Pike’s Place in Seattle holding a large poster board and a middle-aged man in Australia stood by himself in the center of a field with a sign, some signs reading “White Lives Matter” (WLM) or “Diversity is Code Word for White Genocide.”

Even though white supremacists could download free march flyers on the group’s  website WGP, it was a sad day for MAWG 2016.

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