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Hatewatch Headlines 3/29/2016

New strategies for dealing with a new generation of hate groups; ‘Weev’ claims credit for anti-Semitic fliers; Trump voters are all about race; and more.

NetNebraska: As racial hate groups rise, so do new strategies to shut them down.

AccessADL: Notorious hacker ‘Weev’ claims credit for anti-Semitic flyer sent to college campuses around the nation.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, facing boycott threats, vetoes ‘religious liberty’ bill.

Idaho Statesman: Idaho ‘III Percent’ leader filed for bankruptcy after Malheur standoff – for the third time.

Seattle Times: South Seattle’s Africatown nonprofit vows to rebuild after burglaries, racist graffiti.

The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA): Crestline woman pleads guilty to hanging mannequins with threats, targets attached to them.

Right Wing Watch: Tucker Carlson declares that anyone who points out white privilege ‘is by definition a racist.’

Dena Takuri: Meet Frank Gaffney, the hatemonger behind Ted Cruz.

Talking Points Memo: Ex-Trump aide fired for racist Facebook rant now endorses Ted Cruz.

Think Progress: Trump aide makes truly bizarre argument against allowing immigrants to come to America.

Daily Kos: Despite what Trump voters will tell you, yes, it’s about racial resentment.

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