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Hatewatch Headlines 1/5/2017

Sessions’ long history with extremists; Why the trolls won in 2016; Matt Shepard and the state of hate crimes today; and more.

Right Wing Watch: AG nominee Jeff Sessions has a long relationship with the extreme anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim lobbies.

Huffington Post: Sessions’ relationship with Breitbart, ‘the platform’ for the alt-right, should be disqualifying.

Gizmodo: Why the trolls won in 2016.

Talking Points Memo: Wendy’s tweets out a Pepe meme unknowingly, deletes it, but Alt-Right trolls pounce anyway.

Washington Post: White nationalist Matthew Heimbach says Twitter ban is just a ‘speed bump’ that won’t stop his views.

Media Matters: Alex Jones describes President Obama: ‘He ain’t black, in my opinion, he’s like this globalist, CIA baby.’

BuzzFeed: What Matthew Shepard’s death 19 years ago can teach us about the state of hate in America today.

The Oregonian: Prosecutors contend Malheur refuge employees should be allowed to testify at second trial.

Teen Vogue:  Federal judge rules doctors can refuse to see patients who are transgender or had an abortion.

Houston Chronicle: Sugar Land-area woman who wears hijab says man called her family ‘terrorists.’

Raw Story: New Mexico convenience store’s racist signs – ‘Obama and Other Muslims Not Welcome’ – outrage community. Man accused of spray-painting ‘All Slavers Die Here’ outside Alabama capitol building, firing gun at USAF base.

ComicsVerse: The dangers of normalizing the Alt-Right.

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