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Hatewatch Headlines 2/16/2017

Trump deflects anti-Semitism question; ‘Religious freedom’ a front for bigotry; Flynn’s hiring was scandalous, too; and more.

Talking Points Memo: Asked about increased incidents of anti-Semitism, Trump brags about his election victory.

Media Matters: Ten facts about Alliance Defending Freedom, the nation’s largest anti-LGBT hate group.

Think Progress: Heritage Foundation, Trump’s favorite think tank, admits ‘religious freedom’ is just anti-LGBT discrimination.

Political Research Associates: How Donald Trump’s travel ban reflects the manufactured Muslim menace.

CNN: In college, Trump aide Stephen Miller led controversial ‘Terrorism Awareness Project’ warning of ‘Islamofascism.’

Washington Post: Michael Flynn’s firing was a scandal, but with his record of extremism, so was his hiring.

The Trace: My son was slain in the line of duty by right-wing extremists, and Trump must focus on the threat they pose too.

Salon: The new ‘license to discriminate’ bill in Texas may be the most extreme anti-LGBT proposal yet.

PennLive: Middlesex “III Percent” militiaman sentenced for illegal gun possession after threatening to shoot officer.

The Forward: Whitefish, Montana, officials say they will approve permit for future neo-Nazi march in town.

New York Post: Ex-fireman who posted anti-Semitic rants on ballot to head New York City Fire Department union.

Right Wing Watch: Study confirms that voter suppression laws disproportionately affect people of color.

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