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Hatewatch Headlines 2/17/2017

‘Telephone terrorism’ hits Jewish centers; Supremacist planned Roof-style rampage; Militia vows to protect congressman; and more.

U.S. News and World Report: The president has given white nationalists plenty of reason to feel he's aiding their agenda.

CNN: ‘Telephone terrorism’ strikes Jewish community centers nationwide as number reaches 48.

Reuters: South Carolina white supremacist arrested while preparing to carry out a Dylann Roof-style attack.

Huffington Post: Militiamen vow to ‘protect’ Florida congressman from people angered by his bill eliminate the EPA.

Media Matters: Google Ad Sense terminates relationship with Holocaust-denying and anti-Semitic websites.

New York Times: What happens when a black college professor confronts a white nationalist flyer campaign.

Salon: PewDiePie has become an Alt-Right hero, whether he really is a white nationalist or not.

Electablog: CNP’s planning document for education shows a drive to end church-state separation.

Fox 5 Atlanta (GA): Ku Klux Klan sign, flags removed from vacant Georgia business building.

Raw Story: Cal-Berkeley, Milo, and the muddled ethics of no-platforming in the age of Trump.

Pink News: Evangelicals like AFA’s Bryan Fischer denounce gay conservatives as a ‘rotting cancer’ among Republicans.

Think Progress: New study demonstrates how discrimination inflicts long-term harm on people with same-sex orientations.

Huffington Post: I used to be a neo-Nazi, and here’s what you can do about extremism.

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