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Hatewatch Headlines 3/9/2017

The alt-right’s deep influence with Trump; Communities grapple with wave of hate crimes; Media not naming ADF as a hate group; and more.

Washington Post: Conservatives insist Trump isn’t influenced by the alt-right, but here’s why they’re dead wrong.

Salon: Trump’s election has created ‘safe spaces’ for racists to commit hate crimes, SPLC intelligence chief explains.

Think Progress: With hate crimes against Jews on the rise, one community grapples with how to respond.

The Daily Star (Albany, NY): New York state police report a sudden surge in hate crimes around the state.

ProPublica: Meet the hundreds of (often extremist) officials Trump has quietly installed across the government.

Media Matters: Reporting on trans rights Supreme Court case, major outlets fail to identify ADF as a hate group.

Riverfront Times (St. Louis, MO): Police say KKK wife Melissa Ancona hoarded cats, popped pills, and killed her husband the Imperial Wizard.

Fox17 News (Grand Rapids, MI): White nationalist arrested for making anti-Semitic threats was subject of documentary.

Dallas Morning News: Extreme anti-LGBT ‘bathroom bill’ easily passes first hurdle in Texas Legislature after marathon debate.

Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX): White-supremacist posters calling for a ‘Muslim Free America’ appear on TCU campus.

KFOR-TV (Oklahoma City): Is a two-page ‘Muslim questionnaire’ that lawmaker handed to students constitutional?

Raw Story: Extremist sheriff David Clarke’s 2015 NRA trip to Moscow raises eyebrows on House Intel committee.

New York Times: As Dutch election approaches, role of U.S. cash bolstering Geert Wilders raises concerns.

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