Hatewatch Headlines 3/14/2017

Media do underreport the other kind of terrorism; King’s tweet wins admiration of white supremacists; Trump’s immigration policies spring from CIS; and more.

Washington Post: Yes, the media do underreport some terrorist attacks – just not the ones most people think of.

Think Progress: Rep. Steve King’s racist tweet was so popular with white supremacists they’ve dubbed him ‘King Steve.’

Right Wing Watch: King has a long history of promoting white-nationalist ideology.

Mother Jones: How the crazy claim that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology went from the fringe to the White House.

The Daily Beast: Trump’s immigration policies come straight from this nativist group’s wish list.

NBC News: Wave of vandalism, violence hits LGBT centers across the nation.

WPTV-TV (West Palm Beach, FL): St. Lucie man tries to burn grocery story he thought was Muslim-owned, police say.

The Advocate: Members of Congress sign plea to Attorney General Sessions to do something about trans killings.

Times-Picayune (New Orleans): Church window shattered days after hosting transgender town hall.

Raw Story: Conspiracist Alex Jones challenges Alec Baldwin to a bare-knuckles fight, vows: ‘I will break your neck.’

KATU-TV (Portland, OR): Southeast Portland homes, garages, sidewalks vandalized with racist graffiti.

Tech Crunch: Omidyar Network and Anti-Defamation League are launching a center to combat cyberhate.

The Atlantic: White evangelicals believe they face more discrimination than Muslims in America.