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Hatewatch Headlines 3/27/2017

Flyers gives racist organizers a two-for-one deal; Hate cases rising, but will the court cases follow?; Milo’s tour was underwritten by Trump-backing billionaire; and more.

ProPublica: A two-for-one for racists: Post hateful flyers, then revel in the ensuing media coverage.

Washington Post: Hate cases may be rising, but civil-rights groups are concerned the justice system may not be ready.

Muckrock: The same billionaire who financed Trump’s campaign also footed the bill for Milo Yiannopoulos’ college tour.

Slate: How National Review helped lay the foundations for the alt-right movement it now opposes.

Chicago Tribune: ‘Pizzagate’ protesters outside White House want child-molestation conspiracy theory investigated.

Think Progress: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s praise of Trump’s ‘perfect genes’ is an extremist dogwhistle.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Twitter has the most anti-Semitic content among social-media platforms, study finds.

Times-Picayune (New Orleans): Advertisers are finding it difficult to avoid appearing on websites that spew hate.

Associated Press: City councilwoman in Tulsa, OK, wants to rename street honoring ex-KKK leader.

Imagine 2050: Why NPR’s Bonnie Erbe is hosting a nativist legal collaborator on her national radio program.

BuzzFeed: Meet the alt-right Mormons behind the LDS Church’s white-nationalist wing.

Oregonian: Judge issues guilty verdicts on 9 of 11 misdemeanor charges against four Malheur standoff defendants.

Huffington Post: Georgia lawmaker’s proposal for ‘Confederate History Month’ doesn’t mention slavery.

Friendly Atheist: An Oklahoma school had a Christian ‘sex educator’ speak to kids, and surprise! It was a distaster.

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