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Hatewatch Headlines 3/31/2017

Anti-immigration hardliners’ roots in eugenics; North Carolina strikes ‘bathroom bill’ deal; Ex-Dem senators helped advise Gaffney group; and more. The roots of anti-immigration hardliners’ policies lie cheek by jowl with pro-eugenics and conservation groups.

The New York Times: North Carolina strikes a deal to repeal its restrictive anti-LGBT ‘bathroom’ law.

Washington Post: Who is Julia Hahn? The rise of Steve Bannon’s right-hand woman.

Newsweek: The Trump Coalition threatens to take America back to the Jim Crow era.

The Intercept: Former Democratic senators advised group funding anti-Muslim extremist Frank Gaffney.

Texas Observer: Meet the ‘Abolitionists,’ the most extreme anti-abortion group at the Texas Legislature.

Pink News: Liberty Counsel accuses Hollywood stars of pushing ‘aggressive gay agenda’ for helping ACLU telethon.

Right Wing Watch: Rick Joyner claims the worst racism today is directed at white people.

The Exponent Telegram (Clarksburg, WV): Federal inmate gets 27 months in prison for threatening to blow up government buildings.

KWBU-FM (Waco, TX): Survivalist expos continue to draw thousands even with Trump as president.

DNA Info (Chicago): The University of Chicago isn’t doing enough to dissuade white nationalists, faculty say.

KPTV-TV (Portland, OR): Troutdale neighbors stand behind Iranian man victimized by threatening hate crime.

Patch (New York): Suspect gets hate-crime charges in ‘homophobic’ knife attack at restaurant.

Fox 13 (Tampa, FL): Steven Lorenzo, accused of torturing, murdering gay men, will attempt a ‘sovereign citizens’ defense.

Times-Union (Albany, NY): ‘Sovereign citizen’ winds up with prison time for $1 million property scam.

The Tab: Female student who reported Alabama student’s racist Tinder messages just received neo-Nazi hate mail.

Phoenix New Times: Arizona militia member hearts Hitler quote, SS tattoo, Augusto Pinochet and short helicopter rides. 

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