Nationwide Manhunt Underway for Antigovernment Fugitive

A nationwide manhunt continues today for a Wisconsin man who authorities say authored a 161-page antigovernment manifesto, telling the world to remember his face, as he mailed it to President Trump.

Joseph A. Jakubowski, 32, of Janesville, Wisconsin, currently is wanted for arson and burglary, but authorities make it clear that their biggest fear is that he may be planning an act of domestic terrorism.

The events of the past six days suggest a scenario of a classic lone-wolf who singlehandedly carries out antigovernment actions to fulfill his perceived agenda.  His rambling manifesto makes references to churches and religious organizations, schools and officials at all levels of government.

Authorities say Jakubowski likely is armed with 16 “high-end” firearms, including assault-style rifles, that he is believed to have stolen on April 4 from Armageddon Supplies in his hometown. His torched station wagon was discovered a short distance away—the last hint of the fugitive.

That same day, with a friend operating a video camera, Jakubowski mailed his “manifesto” to Trump, listing a “laundry list” of rambling, antigovernment grievances directed at government officials at various levels.

The person recording the video, identified by authorities but not arrested, is heard saying, “It’s D Day. Today is the day. So remember this face.”

A voice identified as that of Jakubowski then says, “Revolution.  It’s time for change.”

While a team of 150 local, state and federal police hunted for the fugitive over the weekend, concentrating efforts in Wisconsin, the manhunt spread nationwide with the FBI posting a $10,000 reward.

Police searched a dozen locations, including the suspect’s home in Janesville, but said they came up empty-handed.

“Information we received [suggests] Jakubowski has become highly agitated by national politics recently,” Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden told a weekend press conference in Janesville.

An associate told investigators that Jakubowski “recently verbalized a plan to steal guns and use them to conduct and unspecified attack,” the sheriff said.  “The associate said he had made unspecific threats toward schools.”