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Portland Stabbings: Man Arrested for Double Murder After Allegedly Threatening Muslim Women Has Racist Views, Praised Timothy McVeigh

A man who slashed the throats of two men and stabbed another in Portland yesterday holds extremist views. 

Two of the men are dead after they came to the aid of Muslim women who were being harassed on a Portland train by the alleged suspect, Jeremy Christian. Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson told The Oregonian that the man was using "hate speech or biased language," before turning on the women, one of whom was wearing a hijab. When fellow riders came to their aid, he slashed their throats. 

A review of Christian's Facebook page shows an individual all over the political spectrum but indicates that he holds some racist and other extremist beliefs. In an April 9 post, he wrote, “I just Challenged Ben Ferencz(Last Living Nuremberg Persecutor) to a Debate in the Hague with Putin as our judge. I will defend the Nazis and he will defend the AshkeNAZIs [a reference to European Jews].”

Homicidal Portland stabber Jeremy Christian praised McVeigh on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing in an April Facebook post, writing, “May all the Gods Bless Timothy McVeigh -- a TRUE PATRIOT!!!”

This past April 19, the anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, Christian praised Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh writing, “May all the Gods Bless Timothy McVeigh a TRUE PATRIOT!!!” In February 2016 he wrote, “I'm sure most of you don't remember but the American Nazi Party was taking care of a stretch of highway in Oregon about 10 years ago until ODOT took down their sign. Apparently Nazis don't have the freedom to exercise their civic duties in this State. Why? Because we live in a Fascist Police State run By "Liberal" "Multicultural" NAZIS!!!”

In a post at the end of 2016, Christian promoted the idea of creating a white’s only area in the Pacific Northwest, a location long-touted by white nationalists as a possible location for a “homeland.” Christian wrote, “So, its like this. If you support Israel for Zionist homeland for Jews then you should also support Cascadia as a White homeland for whites only racists, Alabama and Mississippi for Nation of Islam and racist Black Power groups and give back at least so cal [Southern California] to Mexicans for all the illegal Latinos and any Brown racist peeps. They can still contribute segregated army platoons and taxes. Their can be a central area ran by feds were all the normal people who don't really care about race and gay marriage is legal. Problem solved.” The post included the hashtag #BalkanizeTheUSA 

Christian’s postings on Facebook over the past few months have become increasingly hostile toward Antifa – the antifascist movement that has recently clashed with racists at right-wing and racist rallies, most notably in Berkeley, Calif. Christian attended a “March for Free Speech” rally in Portland on April 29, where he was seen ranting and giving the stiff-arm Nazi salute. Before the event, Christian posted about wanting to “demask” antifascist protestors and “Smash Antifa.”

Christian also expresses anti-Muslim sentiments on his page. One included a meme, which read, “If we’re removing statues because of the Civil War…we should be removing mosques because of 9/11.”

More details to follow. 

Christian appeared at a “March for Free Speech” rally in Portland on April 29. In a post before the event, he wrote: "Looking for a couple guys or gals down to unmask anyone wear a mask at the upcoming Free Speech March On Saturday 415 80th Ave Portland. This goes for Antifa and Free Speeches. Let's keep them honest and check their Yard Card Homies...."




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