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Hatewatch Headlines 5/30/2017

Trump belatedly responds to Portland killings; Breitbart’s numbers are cratering; Alt-right celebrates assault on journalist; and more.

Talking Points Memo: Under fire, Trump belatedly responds to Portland anti-Muslim attack.

The Guardian: City’s top Republican says Portland should use militias as security on trains after racial attack.

Oregonian: Portland mayor urges federal government to revoke permit for alt-right event after murders.

Washington Post: Hate crimes deserve more than a moment of silence.

Vanity Fair: As Trump’s problems mount, Breitbart’s numbers are cratering.

Times of Israel: Alt-right celebrates Montana Republican candidate’s attack on Jewish reporter.

Fast Company: Are tech companies funding online intolerance?

Right Wing Watch: Wayne Allyn Root wants conservatives to hire special forces operatives ‘who have killed people’ to fight the left.

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI): Sheriff David Clarke infuriated by report examining the medals on his uniform.

Media Matters: How a discredited anti-abortion group used the anti-choice media ecosystem to do its dirty work.

Raw Story: Texas Republican posts Facebook threat to shoot Hispanic lawmaker after squabble in legislature.

Lake County News (CA): Clearlake man arrested for hate crime after machete attack on black neighbors.

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