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Hatewatch Headlines 6/21/2017

Trump rolls back civil rights efforts all around; Judicial nominee promoted conspiracists; How Fred Perry polos became the alt-right’s brand; and more.

Mother Jones: Trump administration quietly rolls back civil rights efforts across the federal government.

Newsweek: Increasingly uncivil political climate is making violence in America worse, poll finds.

Think Progress: Half of Americans think Trump’s travel ban was Islamophobic, agree with court challenges.

Right Wing Watch: Trump judicial nominee promoted the work of conspiracy theorists in his blog posts.

Washington Post: Brigitte Gabriel’s anti-Sharia hate group offers donors a private tour at Trump hotel.

BuzzFeed: After their mosque was burned to the ground, a small-town Texas Muslim community is still reeling in fear.

The Outline: How Fred Perry polos became the white supremacy’s favorite athleisure brand.

AlterNet: Response by many Republicans to Virginia shooter strongly underscores their white supremacist, misogynist values.

Salon: Not all terrorists are Muslims, nor is political violence restricted by race, religion or ideology, as past week has shown.

Los Angeles Times: Two men are charged with attempted murder in stabbing of well-known alt-right bodyguard.

Media Matters: Two glaring problems involving anti-Muslim hate on display in one Fox News segment.

Knoxville News (KY): Judge sentences sovereign citizen for 12 years for killing man in pickup rampage.

Capital Gazette (Annapolis, MD): Michael Peroutka rejects comments defending white supremacy by League of South leader.

Oregonian: Oregon House votes to expand privacy for undocumented immigrants.

National Post (Toronto): Canadian alt-right provocateur Gavin McInnes at forefront of street-fighting trend in U.S. protests.

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