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Hatewatch Headlines 7/14/2017

Sessions’ strange study citation on cities; Rep. Issa also spoke before a hate group; Judge orders police identities sealed in Finicum case; and more.

Huffington Post: Sessions argues that ‘sanctuary cities’ breed crime by citing a study that says they don’t.

Orange County Weekly (CA): Move over Jeff Sessions, Darrell Issa also appeared at a hate-group event.

Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV): Attorney General Sessions says he’s ‘not taking sides’ in Cliven Bundy case.

Oregonian: Judge issues protective order to conceal identities of other FBI agents, police in Finicum shooting case.

Right Wing Watch: Pamela Geller claims Muslims are attacking free speech, so ‘free men have to resort to violence.’

Washington Post: Education Secretary DeVos brings ‘men’s rights,’ other dubious groups to the table in dealing with sexual assault.

The New Civil Rights Movement: Senate Republicans advance judicial nomination of far-right blogger who joked about ‘f------.’

New York Times: An eerie similarity in two Kansas hate crimes, three years apart.

Media Matters: Right-wing publisher has been advertising in an anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying publication.

Detroit Free Press (MI): Official in northern Michigan village stands by his social-media posts calling for all Muslims to be killed.

New Haven Independent (CN): Police chief blames social media for ‘Proud Boys’ event that turned into fracas.

Salon: Alt-Right troll Jack Posobiec shows up at net-neutrality conference and exposes himself as a fraud.

BuzzFeed: Leaked documents suggest secretive billionaire Mercer family sponsors Milo Yiannopoulos’ career.

Times-Picayune (New Orleans): Petition demands New Orleans change law to return Confederate monuments.

Raw Story: Trump-loving Airbnb host ordered to pay $5,000 fine for turning away Asian renter after learning her race.

Sojourners: A conversation with a former white supremacist who’s learned there’s more to life after hate.

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