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Hatewatch Headlines 8/2/2017

DOJ plans to hit colleges over affirmative action; Anti-liberal backlash can’t escape its racism; Nugent disposes of his ‘civility’ pledge at show; and more.

New York Times: Justice Department to investigate colleges for policies deemed to discriminate against whites.

Washington Post: The West’s anti-liberal backlash can’t escape its underlying racism.

AlterNet: The American far right has long tried to destroy ‘government schools.’

Kansas City Star: Ted Nugent disposes of his ‘civility pledge’ in foul-mouthed tirade at Kansas City show.

National Public Radio: Four ways that far-right groups are winning the social-media battle.

Salon: NAACP warns that women, people of color, LGBT “may not be safe” in travelling to Missouri.

Associated Press: The defiance that made Joe Arpaio popular proved to be his undoing.

Think Progress: Texas oil executives come out against anti-transgender legislation as a hindrance and liability.

Right Wing Watch: Michele Bachmann warns that hate crime hotline is violation of church-state separation.

Media Matters: Dinesh D’Souza claims Hitler took three ‘genocidal ideas’ from the Democratic Party.

Oregonian: Oregon lawmaker’s ‘Three Percenter’ aide sentenced to jail time for gun charge.

WINA-AM/FM (Charlottesville, VA): Coalition of faith leaders unite in campaign to confront ‘Unite the Right’ rally.

SouthSide Daily (Virginia Beach, VA): ‘We’re sexist, but not misogynist,’ a Virginia Beach Proud Boy explains.

Political Research Associates: Anti-LGBT hate groups attack trans people in the military as a defense of ‘austerity.’

Huffington Post: American Muslims are now more accepting of homosexuality than white evangelical Christians.

Austin American-Statesman (TX): Neo-Nazi website slams Austin and its mayor for being LGBT-friendly.

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