Hatewatch Headlines 8/17/2017

Trump earns world leaders’ scorn; Nine alt-right rallies this weekend; PayPal clamps down on white supremacists; and more.

Politico: World leaders condemn Trump’s ‘obnoxious’ remarks on neo-Nazis.

The Cypher Brief: Trump’s rhetoric empowers dangerous fringe-right violence, expert warns.

Think Progress: There is no comparison between Black Lives Matter and white supremacists.

New York Magazine: Don’t look now, but nine alt-right demonstrations are planned for nine cities this weekend.

Right Wing Watch: Charlottesville racists try to cover their tracks by denying rally violence, neo-Nazi presence.

PBS NewsHour: Matthew Heimbach excuses violence in Virginia by blaming the victim.

Washington Post: PayPal escalates the tech industry’s war on white supremacy.

Gizmodo: Cloudflare CEO on terminating service to neo-Nazi site: ‘The Daily Stormer are assholes.’

The Outline: Squarespace is dropping Richard Spencer’s think tank and other ‘alt-right’ websites.

The Hill: University of Florida blocks Richard Spencer event over safety concerns.

Media Matters: Colorado Mountain Resort cancels plans to host white-nationalist VDare conference after wide criticism.

New York Times: Trump lawyer forwards email echoing neo-Confederate secessionist rhetoric.

NBC News: Alt-right troll Jack Posobiec, retweeted by Trump, is a U.S. naval intelligence officer.

Talking Points Memo: Alabama attorney general sues Birmingham and its mayor over Confederate monument removal.

CNN: Man misidentified as Charlottesville driver has to flee home, plans lawsuit against alt-right websites.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA): Ku Klux Klan request to burn cross on Stone Mountain is denied.

San Francisco Examiner: Electrician no longer employed after speech at Charlottesville white-supremacist rally.