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Hatewatch Headlines 8/21/2017

Thousands march peacefully against alt-right; Monuments are white supremacy tributes; Tech companies still monetize hate groups; and more.

Mother Jones: Tens of thousands of people just showed Nazis what really makes America great.

American Prospect: Why white supremacists stand by Trump, and why he returns the favor.

Think Progress: Rush Limbaugh says white supremacists and the KKK are ‘not the problem,’ warns of second civil war.

New York Times: In their own words, what some of the key Charlottesville marchers stand for.

Talking Points Memo: Ex-DHS chief Jeh Johnson warns that Confederate statues are now ‘rallying point’ for hate groups.

Washington Post: The whole point of Confederate monuments is to celebrate white supremacy.

Politico: Some 1,503 Confederate monuments are on display across America, and 179 are in black majority counties.

Salon: Our troll-in-chief has a deep affinity with the alt-right and its Nazi ancestors.

ProPublica: Despite disavowals, leading tech companies help extremist sites monetize hate.

TechCrunch: Google and ProPublica team up to build a national hate-crime database.

BuzzFeed: Twitter grapples with ‘verified’ white supremacists as other tech companies crack down on hate speech.

Huffington Post: It’s not just Trump, federal law enforcement is not very focused on white supremacism.

Raw Story: Is the Trump administration hiring people of color to hold signs at his Phoenix rally?

Right Wing Watch: Kentucky governor links Charlottesville violence to removal of Bible study from schools.

WISN-TV (Milwaukee, WI): Mayor speaks out against planned anti-Muslim rally led by ACT for America.

Seattle Times: Resurgent hate groups have a long history in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.

Oregonian: Notorious Oregon neo-Nazi takes credit for anti-Semitic freeway signs ahead of 2017 eclipse.

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