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Former Breitbart Editor Gorka Gets White House Pink Slip

Sebastian Gorka, who remarkably said white supremacists shouldn’t be a terrorism concern in the United States, is no longer employed as a presidential advisor.

He is the second presidential advisor with racist "alt-right" leanings and ties to Breitbart News to be shown the door at the White House in a one-week period.

The Washington Post and the New York Times both reported Gorka was fired, while the conservative web site The Federalist published a portion of his “resignation letter.”  The White House issued a statement saying Gorka did not resign.

Word of his departure came late Friday from the White House — perhaps hoping it wouldn’t draw much notice as major news organization began focusing attention on Hurricane Harvey whose winds, rain and floods pounded the Texas Gulf Coast.

Gorka’s departure came just one week after Steve Bannon, another former Breitbart editor, also was fired from his job as “chief  strategist” for President Trump. 

Gorka and Bannon were both seen at Alt-Right lightning rods in the Trump administration. From assorted media reports, it appears both apparently were shown the door by Chief of Staff John Kelly who is attempting to bring a semblance of order to a chaotic presidency.

Gorka recently had criticized Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “in a public show of disrespect that chafed” Kelly’s sense of order, the New York Times reported.

Just days before a Hitler-loving suspect used his car to strike and kill a woman during  racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, Gorka went on a Breitbart radio show and attacked media outlets for suggesting that white supremacist are a terrorism threat — a fact that both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security publicly acknowledge.

Gorka, who prefers to be called “Dr. Gorka,” also was criticized for his past ties to far-right groups with neo-Nazi leanings in Hungary, where he co-founded a political party in 2007 with individuals known for anti-immigration, anti-Semitic and homophobic views, according to various published reports.

Gorka mostly is known as a firebrand for his outspoken, anti-Muslim views, including statements that  Islam is an inherently violent religion that requires its followers to carry out acts of terrorism. He has spoken to students at the Marine Corps University about “global jihad” on three occasions this year, the Huffington Post reported.

The FBI fired Gorka from lecturing at the bureau’s Joint Terrorism Operations Court, the Daily Beast reported in June, after he told law enforcement students that all Muslims are either radicalized or on the path to becoming radicalized.

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