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Hatewatch Headlines 9/27/2017

Fake news turned a small town upside down; House to vote on 20-week abortion ban; Jones says NFL players ‘kneeling to white genocide’; and more.

New York Times Magazine: How fake Islamophobic news turned a small Idaho town upside down.

The Intercept: When white men keep lists of ‘no-good n------.’

Right Wing Watch: House set to vote on 20-week abortion ban, key Trump promise to anti-choice movement.

Pink News: Trump adviser Steve Bannon had secret connections to anti-LGBT hate group.

Raw Story: Trump privately admits to waging a ‘white working class culture war’ but blames Obama for it.

Media Matters: Alex Jones complains that NFL players are ‘kneeling to white genocide.’

The Stranger: This web service banned The Daily Stormer, so why won’t it drop another neo-Nazi forum?

Talking Points Memo: Roy Moore beats Strange, McConnell and Trump in Alabama Senate race.

JoeMyGod: AFA host Bryan Fischer backs Moore on criminalizing homosexuality, urges conversion therapy for Drudge.

Slate: Some of the U.S.’s creepiest anti-abortion men are running for office in Alabama.

Harpers: The rise of the Valkyries – those white women ardently behind white supremacism.

Pacific Standard: How white supremacists infiltrated metal, and how the musicians are fighting back.

Salon: Another famous activist took a knee, 50 years before Kaepernick in Selma.

CNN: Far-right Catholic sect accuses Pope Frances of spreading heresy.

KGW-TV (Portland, OR): Former white supremacists, extremists gather in Oregon to discuss how they got out.

Penn Live: Prosecutor says Aryan Strikeforce member wanted to get his hands on all the guns he could.

The Advocate: Trans teen brutally murdered in Missouri, four charged with killing, disposing of body.

Oregonian: KKK recruitment sticker found in bathroom of Portland high school.

Phoenix New Times: Renaming Arizona’s Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway is turning into a bureaucratic nightmare.

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