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Hatewatch Headlines 10/6/2017

Milo, Breitbart schemed to promote white nationalism; White supremacy now YouTube famous; Bundy in line for a Trump pardon? And more.

BuzzFeed: Here’s how Breitbart and Milo smuggled Nazi and white-nationalist ideas into the mainstream.

Right Wing Watch: White supremacy figured out how to become YouTube famous.

Tennessean: After Charlottesville, ‘White Lives Matter’ rally is planned for Shelbyville.

Mother Jones: Will Trump pardon Cliven Bundy?

Raw Story: Former ‘Apprentice’ producer claims secret tapes reveal a Trump who is ‘very much a racist’ and ‘unfathomably despicable.’

Think Progress: How the far right and the NRA are quietly mobilizing to kill gun safety reform after Vegas.

Media Matters: Right-wing media are elevating conspiracy theories about Las Vegas massacre.

Forward: As Las Vegas conspiracy theories spread on the web, anti-Semitic tropes rise along with them.

ProPublica: Who’s really in charge of Kobach’s Voting Fraud Commission?

The Outline: Dinesh D’Souza is a liar and openly racist – the perfect propagandist for Trump’s America.

CNN: Roy Moore’s Facebook page shared racially inflammatory memes, article praising Russian anti-gay laws.

WABC-TV (New York): Seven New York Jewish businesses receive hate mail containing swastika.

Missoulian: Montana professor finds racially charged flyer on African-American studies program board.

Baltimore Sun: IRS revokes tax-exempt status for Michael Peroutka’s Institute for the Constitution.

AlterNet: 23 reasons why the NRA is functionally racist.

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