Hatewatch Headlines 11/1/17

White millennials are divided on whether they believe President Trump is a racist; a California congressman welcomes support from a Holocaust denier; “crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell is doing radio shows from his jail cell, and more.

ABC News — White millennials are divided on whether they think President Trump is a racist.

BuzzFeed News — The Trump administration’s anti-Muslim acts attempting to intimidate Muslims appears to be energizing dozens of first-time Muslim candidates to seek public office.

Jewish Insider  — California congressman Dana Rohrabacher says he “welcomed support” from known Holocaust denier.

Washington Post –— White nationalist Chris Cantwell hosts a radio show from a jail cell with other white nationalists, with guests including  David Duke, Mike Enoch and “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler.

CBS News — The majority of Oregon’s prison population is white, making it fertile ground for white supremacist gangs.

Politico — Prominent civil rights groups express “deep concern” over hateful content and call on social media giant Facebook to do more to combat it.

Star-Press — Authorities say a man in New Castle, Indiana, described as a sovereign citizen, was shot by city police after allegedly stabbing a woman.

WMAZ-TV -— An alleged neo-Nazi sympathizer from Cochran, Georgia, faces federal charges after he reportedly called the Washington, D.C., office of U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and threatened to kill him.

Huffington Post — A black man and a white woman sit down at a pub, then white supremacists show up.

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