Hatewatch Headlines 11/13/2017

Anti-LGBT hate groups stand by Roy Moore; U.S. silent as Egypt mulls anti-LGBT law; supermarket ad sparks an Islamophobic backlash; and more.

Media Matters: Anti-LGBT hate groups stand by Roy Moore after report that he molested a 14-year-old girl.

Raw Story: Breitbart sends operatives to Alabama dig for dirt in hopes of discrediting Moore’s accusers.

Patheos: Stephen Bannon claims white-supremacist support for Trump is purely a media fabrication.

Think Progress: U.S. is silent as Egypt considers new law outlawing homosexuality – and it’s worse than you think.

The Forward: White supremacist attended a fundraiser for Kris Kobach’s Kansas gubernatorial candidacy.

Newsweek: Racist backlash against a supermarket ad proves that Islamophobia is alive and kicking.

Washington Post: Marine drill instructor sentenced to 10 years in prison for targeting Muslim recruits.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Why did NBC run a fluff piece that whitewashed the alt-right ‘Proud Boys’?

UpRoxx: Black man who posted alt-right lawyer’s business address speaks out about his Twitter suspension.

Virginian-Pilot (Chesapeake, VA): Republican loser in state House race wants recount based on opponent’s ‘race-baiting’ campaign.

KMSP-TV (Minneapolis, MN): Minnesota militia group goes out on maneuvers, says they’re ready for ‘civil war.’

Snopes: Racist graffiti prank hoax on Halloween stirs outrage at Kansas State campus.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA): Blacks and whites have wildly different views of the South, poll finds.

CVille (Charlottesville, VA): Judge dismisses two charges against ‘Crying Nazi’ Christopher Cantwell.

Sentinel-Tribune (Toledo, OH): Judge rules that attorneys can’t question Andrew Anglin’s family about his whereabouts.

Pink News: Los Angeles woman brutally beaten by five attackers because she’s a lesbian.

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