Hatewatch Headlines 11/15/2017

The making of an American Nazi; VOA reporter exposed as alt-right troll; Muslims face a rising ride of hate crimes under Trump; and more.

The Atlantic: The making of an American Nazi, or how Andrew Anglin went from an average Ohio kid to the alt-right’s leading fascist.

Mediaite: Voice of America reporter exposed as Reddit alt-right troll who posts wildly racist memes.

Think Progress: The walls close in on Milo Yiannopoulos as his online store disappears.

Vice: Anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise in Trump’s America, in a big way.

Associated Press: From graffiti to Snapchat, schools across the nation are reacting to tide of racial incidents.

Tablet: ‘Hatreon,’ a crowdfunding site for bigots, is Exhibit A for why kicking them off social platforms doesn’t solve the problem.

The Hill: Robocall in Alabama Senate race featuring fake Washington Post reporter offering a bounty ‘shocks and appalls’ the paper.

The Daily Beast: The troll smearing Roy Moore’s accuser on far-right sites stole the identity of a dead veteran.

Think Progress: Trump nominee protested for calling transgender kids part of ‘Satan’s plan’.

BuzzFeed: Why the government needs to look at how anti-Muslim racism passes the dinner-table test.

Right Wing Watch: ‘New Right’ pundit Cernovich complains that attacks on him are attacks on ‘every nuclear family in America.’

Salon: Kansas is embracing an entirely unique brand of secrecy to keep the public in the dark about far-right legislation.

Oregonian: Prosecutor says Jeremy Christian talked about ‘decapitating heads’ before stabbing three men on Portland train.

News and Observer (Raleigh, NC): ‘Kill all niggers,’ ‘KKK’ graffiti scrawled all over rural church building.

The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City): Pro-LGBT Freedom Oklahoma’s offices riddled with gunfire over the weekend.

Review-Journal (Las Vegas, NV): Judge releases Bunkerville rancher’s son, Ryan Bundy, to halfway house.

Cornell Daily Sun (NY): Prosecutor charges white Cornell student with hate crime for alleged assault on black student.

Stanford Daily (CA): Upcoming visit by Islamophobe Robert Spencer prompts discussion of free speech, inclusivity.

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