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The Grinch who hates Christmas

Hate group leader David Grisham tells Alaska kids Santa isn’t real.

A self-proclaimed preacher who runs a chapter of a hate group is back in action in the Last Frontier.

David Grisham, who achieved a bit of minor celebrity in 2016 by telling children in Amarillo, Texas, there is no Santa Claus, has taken his act to North Pole, Alaska.

The Christmas-themed city just outside of Fairbanks is the year-round home of the Santa Claus House, where people flock to have their photos taken with St. Nick.

Grisham, who runs Last Frontier Evangelism and Repent Alaska, went to the tourist spot in November. While there, he proceeded to tell parents and children that they were living a lie.

“I wanted to tell you kids today that Santa does not exist. Santa Claus is not real,” Grisham said to shoppers who mostly ignored him. “What you’re going to see today is just a man dressed in a suit …. Your parents have been telling you a story that is not true.”

The preaching went on for about a minute before a store employee interrupted him.

“Excuse me, sir. We understand that you have your beliefs, but other people have their beliefs as well,” the employee said. “We would appreciate it if you would not interfere with our customers.”

“Oh, I’m not interfering. I’m just telling the truth,” Grisham said. “I’ll be done in about a minute.”

Grisham, who is based in Anchorage, kept preaching as people told him “go outside, nobody cares.”

Grisham, a former Department of Energy security guard, did the same thing in 2016, when he was head of Repent Amarillo.

In 2010 the Texas group announced a boycott of the city of Houston for electing a lesbian mayor. The group has also targeted abortion clinics, gays and lesbians, Jews, Christians, Roman Catholics and other they consider not Christian.

Grisham also attempted to burn a Quran in 2010, only to have it snatched away by a skateboarder, who then gave it to the local Islamic center.

At the Westgate Mall in Amarillo, according to a video posted online, Grisham approached a line of families waiting to have pictures taken with Santa.

“Don’t lie to your children and tell them there’s such a thing as Santa … when you know there’s no such thing as flying reindeer,” Grisham said.

His preaching was interrupted and came to an end when several parents at the mall approached Grisham and told him to stop.

“Don’t come over here and talking your mess,” one man said.

Grisham fired off a parting shot.

“Kids, there is no Santa. Your parents are lying to you. There is no Santa,” Grisham said.

And, he’ll wonder why there was only a lump of coal in his stocking this year.

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