Hatewatch Headlines 12/5/2017

High court lets ‘Muslim ban’ take effect; Anglin claims ‘troll storm’ just free speech; Charlottesville not happy about KKK recruitment; and more.

The New York Times: Supreme Court allows Trump’s third travel ban to take effect as lower courts fight it out.

Washington Post: My father resisted Japanese internment. Trump’s travel ban is just as unfair.

CNN: Twitter keeps shifting its reasons for why it didn’t delete Trump’s anti-Muslim retweets.

The Intersect: Founder of the Daily Stormer insists ‘troll storm’ against Jewish woman was free speech.

Newsweek: The KKK is recruiting around Charlottesville, and the locals are not having it.

The Guardian (UK): Are media giving neo-Nazis the oxygen of publicity or exposing the ugly truth?

Religion Dispatches: How a ruling for Masterpiece Cakeshop could embolden white nationalists.

Media Matters: It isn’t just the cakeshop: Alliance Defending Freedom is attacking nearly every aspect of LGBT rights.

The Daily Beast: Florida man accused of planning mosque massacre shared right-wing fake news about Muslim rape.

Bloomberg: The crowdfunding Hatreon site runs on – you guessed it – hate.

Right Wing Watch: Far-right audiences drag two of their favorite female pundits for not having children.

Kansas City Star (MO): Will evangelical Christians ever disown Donald Trump?

ProPublica: Why America fails at gathering hate-crime statistics.

Mother Jones: This book will challenge everything you thought you knew about hate crimes.

Salt Lake Tribune (UT): Polygamous FLDS sect members move in across southern Utah, but still stand apart.

WWBT-TV (Charlottesville, VA): Judge throws out two charges against white nationalist involved in ‘Unite the Rally.’

Huffington Post: ‘Alt lite’ White House reporter who got arrested at UConn has a heavily racist roadie.

The Root: Conservative black pastor has come-to-Jesus moment over racism, parts ways with GOP and Trump.

Talking Points Memo: Iowa radio station employees fired after racist high-school basketball commentary.

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