Hatewatch Headlines 12/11/2017

Obama warns against Trump’s assault on democracy; Radical right aims at media takeover; Bitcoin helping neo-Nazi wealth suddenly grow; and more.

Think Progress: As Trump assaults American democracy, Obama warns it could collapse, follow Nazi Germany’s path.

AlterNet: Is the radical right attempting another hostile media takeover?

Mic: Neo-Nazi wealth is rapidly growing. Why? Bitcoin.

Splinter: How did a Maryland white supremacist get a job as an equal employment opportunity officer?

Right Wing Watch: Alt-right YouTube stars stop pretending, give full-throated endorsements of ethno-nationalism.

Salon: The origins of the alt-right: White supremacy is deeply enmeshed in our culture.

Media Matters: Sinclair Broadcasting forces local news stations to air multiple false attacks on the SPLC.

Oregonian: Fights once again break out at ‘Patriot Prayer’ event in downtown Portland, one arrested.

The Nation: The racist right begins looking at the left for potential fresh recruits.

Guardian (UK): U.S. gun violence spawns a new epidemic: Conspiracy theorists harassing victims.

Raw Story: Latino ‘white nationalist’ tried to infiltrate Trump supporters from the left, until he fell for their dogma.

Huffington Post: Rep. Steve King parrots what white nationalists have been saying for years by claiming ‘diversity is not our strength.’

Friendly Atheist: Anti-gay Christian group masquerading as community support group is proselytizing kids in schools.

Rewire: As Trump’s travel ban takes effect, Muslim Americans face increased attacks.

GLAAD: Megyn Kelly brings on spokespeople for hate group Alliance Defending Freedom.

Charlotte Observer (NC): Swastika spray-painted on Jewish family’s south Charlotte home.

The Mountaineer (Canton, NC): White-supremacist Identity Evropa group sets out recruitment flyers.

Hope Not Hate: Former British Nationalist Party leader Nick Griffin launches scathing attack on the alt-right.

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