Hatewatch Headlines 12/15/2017

Muslim travelers find their privileges revoked; Breitbart promotes illegal Swedish site; Heyer’s mom says she has to hide her daughter’s grave; and more.

The Intercept: Hundreds of travelers have their global airport privileges revoked, and lawyers say it’s another Muslim ban.

Media Matters: Breitbart promoted an illegal Swedish website with neo-Nazi ties and a fondness for smearing immigrants.

Daily Beast: Heather Heyer’s mom says she has to hide her daughter’s grave from neo-Nazis.

Salon: Daily Stormer’s style guide gives us insights into how neo-Nazis recruit young people.

Huffington Post: The maddening frustration of fighting white supremacy.

Orcinus: How Trump leverages ‘fake news’ claims as a wedge between his authoritarian followers and reality.

Washington Post: For Virginia GOP’s provocative Senate hopefuls, Roy Moore’s loss is a warning shot.

Right Wing Watch: After the Moore loss, ‘Baked Alaska’ urges white people to ‘have babies’ and ‘form a coalition.’

Think Progress: Paul Ryan says American women need to have more babies.

WJLA-TV (Charlottesville, VA): Charges facing James Fields in Heather Heyer’s death upgraded to first-degree murder.

Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA): Protesters shout insults, slogans at ‘Unite the Right’ organizer Kessler, others as hearings set.

WHO-TV (Iowa City, IA): Las Vegas man arrested for leaving racial slurs on black students’ dormitory doors.

Raw Story: Racist woman booted out of Starbucks for ranting about Korean student speaking ‘Oriental.’

Orange County Register: Seal Beach man charged with hate crimes for allegedly threatening and spitting on gay couple.

Daily Mail (UK): Bullying video sensation’s estranged father is a white supremacist with a rap sheet.

CBC News: Toronto man accused of assaulting Muslim family with baseball bat is lawyer from influential family.

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