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Notorious New Jersey skinhead busted with illegal weapons, drugs

Frightened neighbors in Galloway Township call police when they see man walking about with assault weapons and a tactical vest.

A notorious New Jersey skinhead was arrested late last week after police in the township of Galloway investigated a man walking around with assault weapons and a black tactical vest, whom neighbors had described in calls to the local dispatcher as “suspicious.”

Thomas "Q-Ball" Turner after his arrest. Photo courtesy Galloway Township Police.

The man they found walking around with the guns turned out to be Thomas J. Turner Jr., a 42-year-old Galloway man better known in Atlantic City Skinheads circles as Tommy “Q-Ball” Turner.

It was shortly after midnight, and Turner not only wore a black tactical vest, he also carried an assault weapon — namely, a .45 caliber Encom MP-45 assault pistol — along with a 30-round extended magazine, loaded with 17 bullets, police later explained in their press release.

Police also say they found drugs on Turner: 15 grams of methamphetamine (which they said was a quantity consistent with distribution), drug paraphernalia and other “suspicious items.” Investigators then went to a storage container unit rented in Turner’s name and found more drugs, including heroin, along with a variety of weapons, ammunition, and extended magazines.

Tommy 'Q-Ball' Turner, in an image taken from social media.

Turner was detained at the local jail and charged with possession of an assault firearm, and with possession of such a gun while “committing a CDS offense”; three charges of unlawful possession of an extended ammunition magazine; possession of Schedule I drugs, and possession with intent to distribute.

A veteran of the Atlantic City racist skinhead scene, Turner is associated with a now-defunct white-nationalist rock band called Call the Paramedics, which performed at rock venues regularly along the Jersey and Pennsylvania coastal region. The band’s lead singer, Shlak, is also a figure in the independent pro-wrestling scene.

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