Hatewatch Headlines 1/9/2018

DOJ charged white supremacist, but kept mum; Miller’s dalliances with far right; Stormer’s Nazis wander in digital wilderness; and more.

Huffington Post: Sessions’ DOJ charged a white supremacist with terrorism, they just didn’t tell anyone.

AlterNet: That time Stephen Miller greeted right-wing extremists in the lobby of the U.S. Senate.

New Yorker: The neo-Nazis of the Daily Stormer wander the digital wilderness, looking for a home.

Raw Story: Mike Pence shares ‘intimate’ dinner with right-wing pastor who prays for deaths of liberal justices.

New York Times: Death penalty case heard by a racist juror is reopened by the Supreme Court.

The Grio: Police department removes Facebook post in which officer flashes alleged white-nationalist symbol.

Think Progress: Kansas lawmaker says marijuana should be illegal because of African American ‘genetics.’

Salon: Alex Jones launches pre-emptive strike against Oprah Winfrey, says she’s ‘the black face to carry out the enslavement of black folks.’

Media Matters: Infowars fully embraces ‘The Storm,’ a conspiracy theory called ‘the new Pizzagate.’

Arizona Capitol Times: Arizona legislation aims to bolster gun rights by recognizing broad definition of militias.

Right Wing Watch: Conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin claims Christy Teigen’s response to ‘pedophilia’ claims is a ‘white hat false flag.’

Mother Jones: Republicans are trying to terminate a key voting-rights law.

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