Hatewatch Headlines 1/11/2018

Neo-Nazis get worked up over a typo; Inside a pro-Confederate rally in Memphis; Trump actually built a wall in rural Wisconsin; and more.

Newsweek: Neo-Nazis think a Democratic typo is proof of a Jewish conspiracy to take over America.

Splinter: Inside a Confederate rally in Memphis, from morning cigarettes to evening beers.

New York Times: Tennessee legislators need to acknowledge that Confederate statues are monuments to bigotry.

Politico: The wall that Trump actually built – in bucolic Pepin County, Wisconsin.

PennLive: Citing safety concerns, Dauphin County GOP cancels congressional forum that would have included white nationalist.

Tennessean: Trevecca Nazarene University blocks state Sen. Mae Beavers event featuring noted Islamophobes.

Huffington Post: Jews are the top targets for hate crimes last year in New York City, once again.

Think Progress: Fox News ignores the elephant in the room during interview with Joe Arpaio about his Senate run.

Stanford Daily: Peter Thiel, Charles Murray invited to new ‘conversation’ series aimed at diversity of views.

Raw Story: Racism is ‘running rampant’ at one high school – but when students took action, they got yelled at and shamed.

Washington Post: A Starbucks briefly closed after a hoax about a barista defiling white people’s food went viral.

Associated Press: ACLU again asks for a contempt of court ruling against Kris Kobach over motor-voter ruling.

Right Wing Watch: ‘The Storm is upon us’: Jerome Corsi says 2018 will be the year that Trump saves the American republic.

Media Matters: Sean Hannity’s early influencers were some of the old right’s most extreme ideologues.

Orlando Weekly (FL): A Florida ‘tactical’ gun company is defending its ad showing gun owners threatening antifascists.

WFTS-TV (Tampa Bay, FL): Former neo-Nazi convicted of racial murder freed from prison after 30 years on DNA evidence.

The Root: Colorado man convicted of hate crime in Mosque attack commits suicide.

New York Post: ‘Wet Dream Team’ booted from Cincinnati rec league for their racist jerseys. 

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