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Hatewatch Headlines 1/22/2018

Trump’s immigration instincts rooted in eugenics; Alt-right’s prospects are crumbling; Ammon Bundy eager for another armed standoff; and more.

Vox: The frightening and racist ideology behind Donald Trump’s immigration instincts.

Think Progress: Human Rights Watch rips Trump for taking U.S. ‘backward on human rights at home and abroad.’

Newsweek: The alt-right is fractured, violent, and falling apart heading into Trump’s second year. Military policies officially exclude neo-Nazis from ranks, but concerns about presence persist. The new reality? The far right’s use of cyberharassment against academics.

Oregonian: Cliven Bundy renews range fight, vows to 'do whatever it takes' against federal government.

BuzzFeed: This man has led two armed standoffs against the government, and he says he’d do it again.

Media Matters: Alliance Defending Freedom spent big fighting against marriage equality in Latin America and Europe, and is losing.

ABC News: Majority of 2017 extremist murders in the U.S. were committed by right-wingers, report says.

Right Wing Watch: Gavin MacInnes calls Sen. Booker ‘Sambo,’ says he’s ‘shucking and jiving for the white man.’

Huffington Post: American neo-Nazi Anglin is using Holocaust denial as a legal defense.

Centre Daily Times (State College, PA): University of Cincinnati joins Penn State among schools being sued by Richard Spencer.

Slowly Boiled Frog: John Stossel needs a better fact-checker for his video attacking the SPLC.

The Guardian (UK): Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is the new premier voice of Bannonism. Harley Barbour’s mom says she approves of Alabama expulsion over racist Instagram videos.

Portland Press-Herald (ME): Maine town manager under fire for promoting white separatism.

Eugene Weekly (OR): Man with white-supremacist ties charged with assault in incident with weapon.

A Beautiful Perspective: Jennifer Mendelsohn uses Census records and ship manifests to put immigration hypocrisy on blast.

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