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Michael Savage promotes white nationalist conspiracy on his radio show, wins praise from racist author

In a world where whites face an imminent threat of extinction from a nefarious global cabal, white supremacist and antisemite Sacco Vandal pondered, “Can there be such a thing as /Our Jew/?"

If so, he claimed, it would be nationally syndicated conservative radio host Michael Savage.

Savage, a pundit known for his extreme rhetoric, won this praise by devoting significant airtime in the past week to what he called, “cultural genocide being promulgated against Caucasians” — the racist conspiracy theory otherwise known as “white genocide.” On Monday, Savage spent his entire show on the topic, as he railed against a comment from U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticizing President Donald Trump’s immigration plan, which she said was an attempt to “Make America White Again.”

“Do you have any idea how sick and vile this racist statement is?” Savage asked his viewers. He went on, “She’s basically unhitched herself from her own people, her own culture, her own heritage in order to appease the masses who keep her in power.”

The conspiracy of white genocide contends that there is a deliberate scheme underway to exterminate white people, or white culture, by overwhelming Western populations with non-whites. White supremacists typically accuse Jewish people of engineering this plot. Savage, who is Jewish, blamed Democrats.

“Unless we stand up to the racists and the genocidal maniacs who are attacking, attacking, attacking,” Savage said, “there will be nothing left to protect, there will be nothing left to save. Everything of our culture will be gone.”

The irony of a self-described “student of the Holocaust” deploying a traditionally antisemitic talking point may have been lost on Savage, but it wasn’t lost on Vandal, a racist ex-Marine who, along with his twin brother Vanzetti Vandal, runs a blog advocating that whites return to the “barbarity” of their past and “rape, pillage and plunder” like their ancestors.

“Right now, the most outspoken and ardent opponents of White Genocide…generally reserve their most scathing ire for the people-race-nation-church seemingly most responsible for perpetuating White Genocide: Jews,” Vandal wrote on his blog, VandalVoid. “But here we have Michael Savage, a Jew, leading the charge against these anti-Whites—the sole national figure, with the exception of maybe Alex Jones (albeit Savage goes even further than Jones), to do so.”

Vandal is perhaps best known for originating the misogynist meme “white sharia,” proponents of which argue that white women should be subjected to the same kind of brutality perpetrated by the Taliban.

“The Muslim world is the only civilization left on Earth today where an extreme and rigidly codified patriarchy still exists,” Vandal wrote. “Sharia law, though practiced today by some of the world’s most despicable races, is the only living example of anything that even remotely approximates the patriarchal society that Western man once had himself.”

This is not the first time Savage has discussed white genocide on his show. He talked about it multiple times when President Barack Obama was in office. In those days, he said Obama was behind it. Once, he even attributed his claim to a Mayan prophecy.

Savage is no stranger to bigoted rhetoric. In 2003, he lost his job at MSNBC after only a few months when he told a prank caller, “Oh, so you're one of those sodomites. You should only get AIDS and die, you pig; how's that?” In 2014, he targeted U.S. veterans with PTSD, saying they were giving into “weakness” and being allowed “to cry like a little baby in bed.”


He reaches as many as 10 million listeners through his radio show, nationally syndicated by Cumulus Media, Inc.

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