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Hatewatch Headlines 2/23/2018

Has President Trump unleashed right-wing violence in the United States? Extremists are getting booted from Twitter; a historic look at FBI’s war on black bookstores, and more.

CNET: White separatist Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance organization are suing Twitter for permanently suspending their accounts

San Diego Union-Tribune: Local Muslim leaders and representatives of other faiths protest an appearance by former FBI agent John Guandolo, now a leading anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist and hate monger.

Salon: Donald Trump has unleashed a flood of white supremacist and other right-wing violence in the United States.

New York Times: New York Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney says in a radio interview on Wednesday that “so many” mass murderers “end up being Democrats.”

My San Antonio:   Several of the 23 suspects arrested in a drug-ring roundup are members of the racist Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

Politico:  Conservatives are crying four after Twitter prunes more suspected trolls and fake accounts from its platform.

The Intercept:  The federal agency processing citizenship applications removes its mission statement describing the United States as a nation of immigrants.

The Atlantic: The FBI’s war on black-owned bookstores.

Westword: Colorado State University officials dismiss claims the university or its police “in any way” were supportive of neo-Nazis at a demonstration earlier this month.

The Outline: Medium makes changes, saying it won’t allow posts engaging in campaigns of targeting, harassment, hate speech, violence or disinformation.

ABC News: Eric Carbonaro, 19, pleads guilty to a hate crime for spray-painting swastikas and Nazi graffiti at a Jewish cemetery in upstate New York in October 2016.

Newsweek:  The Norwegian black metal band Taake disputes reports that it backs anti-Muslim lyrics and Nazi sympathies, 11 years after its lead singer appeared on stage with a swastika painted on his chest.




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