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Richard Spencer supporter arrested on weapons charge

Jonathan Kolanowski, a supporter of white nationalist Richard Spencer, was arrested last Sunday evening after allegedly aiming a gun at individuals who were members of an anti-fascist organization.

Police responded to a car chase involving two vehicles-one from a white nationalist group and the other from an anti-fascist group-arriving to find both cars pulled off the road. Kolanowski, who initially called police, said the other vehicle was following him and his friends. The people in the other car told the responding officers that Kolanowski pulled out a pistol and threatened them with it. After a search of Kolanowski’s SUV, Pittsfield Township authorities charged Kolanowski, 24, with illegally carrying a concealed weapon

The opposing groups were in Michigan due to a Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas conference of far right-wing and neo-Nazi speakers held last Sunday in the Ann Arbor area, as well as a speech by Spencer given last Monday at Michigan State University during which 25 people were arrested. Spencer is a prominent member of the racist “alt-right” movement and helped organize the August 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia during which a white supremacist allegedly drove his vehicle into a crowd, killing one person.

Kolanowski was at a Staples store in Ann Harbor when anti-fascist protesters identified him as an associate of Spencer’s. The protesters alleged that Kolanowski drove his SUV at a protester’s vehicle, initiating the chase. The felony charge of illegally carrying a concealed weapon could earn Kolanowski up to five years in prison. Kolanowski’s bail was set at $2,000 and he has a probable cause conference on March 13.

Along with facing a charge for concealed weapon, Kolanowski told the judge on Monday he was still on probation for domestic assault. However, little is known about the domestic assault case as it does not appear in Michigan court records.




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