Hatewatch Headlines 3/12/2018

YouTube plays a key role in radicalization; Putin points to Jews as source of hacks; Coulter’s trolling reels in alt-right admirers; and more.

New York Times: YouTube, the great radicalizer.

Washington Post: ‘Let them call you racists’: Steve Bannon delivers fighting speech to France’s National Front.

Associated Press: Putin says ‘maybe Jews’ were responsible for attacks on U.S. elections.

The Atlantic: The largest-ever study of fake news was just completed, and its conclusions are grim.

Right Wing Watch: Ann Coulter’s trolling ‘globalist’ tweets leave the alt-right ecstatic.

Think Progress: Anti-refugee White House aide given key refugee job at State Department.

Salon: Suppression of minority voting rights is a legitimate threat to the midterm elections.

Rewire News: A leaked message board shows what white supremacists think of the police.

Media Matters: An MSNBC political analyst is advising a GOP candidate with ties to white supremacists.

Crooks and Liars: ‘Clueless’ Fox pundit wonders aloud whether neo-Nazis ‘have a good heart.’

AlterNet: The domestic right-wing terrorism threat depicted in ‘Homeland’ is very much real.

Raw Story: ‘Nigger leave!’ Racist defaces centuries-old African meeting house in Massachusetts.

The Chronicle (Chester, NY): Leader of Goshen’s Oath Keepers says his group is as left-wing as it is right.

KING-TV (Seattle, WA): Federal Way man is recovering in hospital 50 days after hate-crime attack.

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