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Hatewatch Headlines 3/27/2018

How young white men are being radicalized; Fox nicer to marches featuring Nazis; White supremacists set up recruitment in Cincinnati; and more.

Pacific Standard: How young white terrorists are being radicalized online.

Media Matters: ‘Fox and Friends’ is much nicer to your march if it features white nationalists.

Cincinnati Post (OH): Neo-Nazis have set up shop in Cincinnati, believing the area is ripe for recruitment.

The Intercept: ICE uses Facebook data to find and track suspects, internal emails show.

Reveal News: Kris Kobach’s Crosscheck system is ineffective and exposes millions, but states aren’t withdrawing.

AlterNet: Is the radical right finally turning on Trump?

Independent (UK): Trump supporters share more fake news than anyone else, study shows.

Right Wing Watch: Far-right activists respond to March for Our Lives by attacking students, blaming Soros.

Think Progress: Mike Pence secretly drafted Trump’s latest transgender military ban.

Associated Press: Former militia officer says he left Kansas group out of concern about plot to attack Somalis.

Washington Post: Virginia GOP dumps leader who claimed only Christians are fit for public office.

Vox: Explaining Jordan Peterson, the obscure Canadian psychiatrist turned right-wing celebrity.

Texas Monthly: Battle of the Blue Cat Café: How gentrification became a proxy way between the alt-right and the radical left.

City Pages (Minneapolis, MN): John Guandolo, the disgraced ex-FBI anti-Muslim flamethrower, brings his act to Bloomington.

LGBTQ Nation: The latest ‘cure’ for being gay is fermented cabbage juice. Surprise! It doesn’t work.

NewsOne: White supremacists are now recruiting people through flyers placed in boxes of diapers.

Record-Eagle (Traverse City, MI): Mancelona man charged with hate crime for attacking transgender woman.

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