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Hatewatch Headlines 5/9/2018

Millions of antisemitic tweets last year; ‘Dark web’ sites get mainstream boost; California front-runner an unapologetic bigot; and more.

ABC News: There were 4.2 million antisemitic tweets over the course of a year, new report finds.

Media Matters: On Morning Joe, NYT’s Bari Weiss touts far-right ‘dark web’ sites as ‘intellectual salons.’

Think Progress: GOP front-runner for California Senate hates Jews, loves Hitler and wants to destroy the U.S.

Washington Post: Ku Klux Klan leader found guilty of firing gun at Charlottesville counter-protesters.

Right Wing Watch: Nick Fuentes denies being a white nationalist by explaining that he’s a white nationalist.

Army Times: Congressman wants answers on far-right extremist activity in the military.

Mother Jones: Trump’s response to ‘sanctuary cities’: Arresting more people near their homes, churches.

Oregonian: Medford residents find KKK recruitment flyers in sandwich bags outside their homes.

Journal-Sentinel (Milwaukee): Wisconsin Democrats rip GOP attorney general for appearing at ADF’s West Coast conference.

Cleveland Jewish News: In a first, neo-Nazi gang members sentenced to years of jail time in Argentina.

YNet News: Antisemitic crime, mostly with far-right motives, edges upward in Germany.

Pacific Standard: Dear leftists, going on Tucker Carlson’s show won’t help fight imperialism.

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