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Hatewatch Headlines 6/13/2018

Many in U.S. would deny Muslims voting rights; Going undercover with Identity Evropa; How Matt Shepard’s legacy shapes Pulse memorial; and more.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Nearly one in five Americans would deny Muslims the right to vote, new report finds.

The Outline: My weekend with white nationalists: Seeking to understand Identity Evropa, I became one of them.

Huffington Post: How the legacy of Matthew Shepard is shaping the Pulse Nightclub memorial.

The Intercept: Alt-right and antifascists unite against lawsuit designed to prevent another Charlottesville.

Newsweek: Former KKK leader David Duke is planning to march with white nationalists in Tennessee.

Angry White Men: After the death of a white nationalist, the alt-right vows revenge on journalists.

AlterNet: America is suffering an epidemic of ‘dishonest fake belief’ – promoted by the people who took over the GOP.

Right Wing Watch: Andrew Wommack describes how God is using Trump to enact the religious right’s theocratic agenda.

Raw Story: GOP lawmaker wants Michigan teens to learn that the KKK was anti-Republican, not anti-black.

Media Matters: Rep. Steve King elevates a British neo-Nazi by quote-tweeting him.

Snopes: No, the ‘whole of London’ did not protest in support of far-right activist Tommy Robinson.

Vice: A guide to QAnon and ‘The Storm,’ the new king of right-wing conspiracy theories.

Vox: People are dying because of the Trump administration’s harsh immigration policies.

Think Progress: Woman faces jail time for protesting detention of immigrant kids outside congressman’s office.

Oregonian: Malheur refuge occupier Blaine Cooper sentenced to supervised release, last of 18 convicted in armed takeover.

Guardian (UK): Alleged neo-Nazi admits buying machete in plot to kill MP Rosie Cooper.

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