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Hatewatch Headlines 8/16/2018

Antifa/alt-right equivalencies plague media reports; Infowars website goes dark; Kobach now Kansas GOP’s nominee for governor; and more.

Media Matters: In drawing equivalencies between alt-right and antifascists, media outlets obscure ideologies and impacts.

Right Wing Watch: Infowars website goes dark, and employees are blaming a ‘cyber attack.’

Mother Jones: The country’s most notorious vote suppressor is now the GOP nominee for governor of Kansas.

Salon: Tucker Carlson claims there’s no white nationalism. His show’s obsessive racism suggests otherwise.

Oregonian: Jeremy Christian, accused of stabbing men on MAX train, now accused of assaulting black inmate.

Washington Post: White supremacist rally cost D.C. $2.6 million for enforcement, policing costs.

Vox: The organizer of the ‘Unite the Right’ rallies just got humiliated by his own father.

Huffington Post: White nationalist Paul Nehlen loses GOP primary for Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin seat.

Think Progress: Neo-Confederates officially begin their latest Russian outreach program.

North Jersey Record (NJ): Democratic lawmakers want ICE spokesman with extremist ties dismissed.

Journal Star (Lincoln, NE): Gun shop employee’s white-supremacist ties prompt firearms group to relocate meeting.

Huffington Post: Instagram let a violent white supremacist promote their clothing brand.

Raw Story: Topher Grace gets a stunning hate call after portraying David Duke in Spike Lee’s ‘BlacKkKlansman’.

PennLive: Those KKK fliers in a York County theater parking lot are a call to confront hate in the community.

Into More: Why is the New York Post defending anti-LGBT hate groups?

AlterNet: Black first-grader excluded from private Christian school in Florida because of his dreadlocks.

National Post (Canada): Neo-Nazi extremists need help leaving the movement. I know because I was one of them.

New Statesman (UK): How architecture-themed Twitter accounts became a magnet for white nationalism.

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