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Hatewatch Headlines 8/17/2018

Portland police chief boasts of aggressive tactics; ‘QAnon’ posts made promoters a bundle; Twitter’s dealing with Alex Jones don’t add up; and more.

Willamette Week: Portland police chief boasts on radio that her officers ‘kicked butt’ of counter-protesters at far-right event.

NBC News: How three conspiracy theorists took the ‘QAnon’ posts and made a bundle making them into a phenomenon.

Media Matters: Twitter’s half-measures against Alex Jones don’t make much sense, unless he’s getting special treatment.

Right Wing Watch: A year after Charlottesville, Silicon Valley companies still profiting from extremism.

Think Progress: Young white supremacists learn the hard way that their public racism can have consequences.

Angry White Men: Meet the Stormer: Here are the people who keep the world’s most popular white-power site afloat.

New York Review of Books: Can we deradicalize white people? A couple of books suggest ways out of far-right maze.

Vice: Chief of U.S. immigration-services agency is totally cool with helping ICE deport people.

Vox: Colorado baker who refused to serve gay couple now wants to refuse to serve a transgender person.

Think Progress: The bizarre way Texas conservatives are fighting against marriage equality.

Mother Jones: GOP candidates are paying firms affiliated with an Infowars contributor linked to Proud Boys.

WAMU-FM (Washington, DC): Metro’s union said transit agency allowed white nationalists to ‘commandeer our system.’

AlterNet: History professor destroys GOP Senate candidate’s racist myths about Robert E. Lee and the Civil War.

Washington Post: Fairfax teen accused of killing girlfriend’s parents over his neo-Nazi beliefs still incompetent to stand trial.

Burlington Free Press (VT): Essex man charged with hate crime for harassing black clerk, threatening her with gun.

Oregonian: Springfield man charged with hate crime after video shows him harassing Latinos.

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