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Hatewatch Headlines 8/23/18

Is there a correlation between social media and violence? A Virginia Republican touts a white nationalist website; a New Hampshire lawmaker’s personal info ends up on a white nationalist site, and more.

WESA-FM: A month after a black man was assaulted in a Pittsburgh-area bar, the community is looking for answers about the way police handled the racially fueled attack.

Vanity Fair: New research shows a correlation between Facebook and a national epidemic of violence.

Media Matters: Virginia Republican Representative Dave Brat touts white nationalist website VDare's praise of his anti-immigrant amendment.

Daily Beast: The neo-Confederate League of the South hates black people, Jews, and others, but it loves one country, one man: Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Fortune: President Trump says it would be “very dangerous” for Facebook and Twitter to ban certain user accounts such as conspiracy buff and Trump supporter Alex Jones.

Right Wing Watch: Family Research Council president Tony Perkins says religious-right activists are contemplating scaling back their use of social media because of alleged censorship of conservatives.

Washington Post: White House insiders concerned about white supremacists speculate that Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow knew but didn’t care about inviting white-identity figure Peter Brimelow to a birthday bash.

WMUR:  A New Hampshire state representative is asking the attorney general's office to investigate why her name, photo and personal information were posted on a white nationalist website.

Media Matters: Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach’s campaign cites a white nationalist writer who’s been involved in Holocaust denial.

ACLU: Deadly Violence against transgender people is on the rise, and the government isn¹t helping.

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