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Hatewatch Headlines 9/10/2018

Extremism surge on Web linked to Trump’s election; Gaffney calls candidates ‘Sharia Supremacists’; Carlson attacks diversity in U.S.; and more.

Washington Post: Racism and antisemitism surged in corners of the Web after Trump’s election, analysis shows.

Right Wing Watch: Frank Gaffney labels Muslim political candidates ‘Sharia supremacists.’

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson attacks Americans’ diversity on  his nightly Fox show.

Snopes: Why have so many Daily Caller writers expressed white supremacist views?

Mic: Historians with expertise in fascism say Dinesh D’Souza lured them into interviews under false pretenses.

Reveal News: Police are targeting antifascist organizers, sometimes with the help of neo-Nazis.

Tennessean (Nashville): White nationalists sue Tennessee State Parks after being charged security fee.

Salon: It’s possible the fuel for the spread of conspiracy theories is the human need for chaos.

BuzzFeed: School was supposed to help young girls, but it instead abused them with anti-LGBT rules.

CNN: Arizona congressman had lengthy dinner with extremist anti-Muslim politician in London.

Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY): Kentucky GOP candidate ripped minorities on a white nationalist show.

Ocala Star-Banner (FL): White nationalist Peter Gemma deeply immersed in Sarasota Republican Party. Sheriffs at FAIR-sponsored event get a front-row seat to Trump’s latest media attack.

Huffington Post: Republican state rep in N.M. questions Native American opponent’s identity in bizarre interview.

Associated Press: Man gets four years’ prison time for making threats against Florida mosque.

New York Times: As Germans seek news, YouTube instead delivers far-right racist tirades.

Telegraph (UK): Belgium faces a reckoning over racism after two high-profile cases shock the country.

Guardian (UK): Pair accused of belonging to far-right group charged with terrorism offenses.

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