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Hatewatch Headlines 9/12/2018

Years after 9/11, terrorism surges from the right; White supremacists love Carlson’s diversity attacks; Fascists use MMA to recruit young men; and more.

QZ: Decades after 9/11, the American right is behind a surge in terrorist acts.

Media Matters: White supremacists are thrilled with Tucker Carlson’s war on diversity.

Guardian: Fascist fight clubs across Europe and the USA are using MMA to recruit young men.

DeadState: When researchers trolled conspiracy theorists with random info, they bought it every time.

Think Progress: Facebook censors Think Progress posts because the Weekly Standard told it to.

Right Wing Watch: Jack Posobiec’s new book was published and edited by an alt-right writer.

Sacramento Bee: White nationalist hate fliers featuring Alex Jones litter five California synagogues.

New York Times: Renouncing hate: What happens when a young man raised to be a white nationalist leaves the movement.

Corvallis Advocate (OR): Oregon state representative’s ties to anti-immigrant hate group run deep.

Tampa Bay Times (FL): Florida Supreme Court removes charter-school amendment from ballot for misleading language.

AlterNet: Senator Jeff Merkley warns that Trump has plans for ‘family internment camps’ for immigrants.

Mother Jones: Dear NRA: Putting white KKK hoods on beloved children’s characters probably isn’t the best strategy.

Pacific Standard: What happens when a young black man tries to join white gun culture.

Washington Post: Why a far-right party with white-supremacist roots is on the rise in Sweden.

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