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Hatewatch Headlines 9/14/2018

Steve King is back at it with the bigotry; White nationalists talk of infiltrating GOP; Anatomy of a fearmongering lie about immigrants; and more.

Think Progress: Republicans’ resident white supremacist, Rep. Steve King, is at it again.

Right Wing Watch: Young white nationalists encourage their peers to infiltrate local GOP leadership.

Washington Monthly: Anatomy of a fearmongering lie about immigrants and Social Security.

Daily Banter: Tucker Carlson and the evolution of a white-nationalist TV host.

Oregonian: A talkative Jeremy Christian suggests during court appearance that he’s not a white supremacist.

Media Matters: Florida GOP officials are running a private Facebook group devoted to conspiracy theories.

Mother Jones: Two Republican congressmen hobnob with an alleged Holocaust denier, again.

Associated Press: White supremacist in Oklahoma prison seeks new trial in conviction for 1996 murder.

KXII-TV (Sherman, TX): Former Colbert, OK, police chief, admitted white supremacist, is now an Achille reserve officer.

CNN: California congressional candidate called Obama a secret terrorist-supporting Muslim.

Bayou Brief (Alexandria, LA): Rep. Clay Higgins recently attended conference hosted by a hate group, another with climate deniers.

Raw Story: Racist insists slavery wasn’t the only reason for the Civil War, but can’t name any other.

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