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Hatewatch Headlines 10/2/2018

Tucker Carlson warns of ‘white genocide’; Teaming up to track alt-right Bitcoin wallets; Reddit ‘quarantines’ white-nationalist subreddits; and more.

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson warns his Fox News viewers about the threat of ‘white genocide.’

Breaker: How the SPLC, a congressman and a cybersecurity expert track the alt-right’s Bitcoin wallets.

Daily Beast: Reddit ‘quarantines’ white-nationalist subreddits, making it harder to find them.

Guardian: We can’t halt the spread of hate unless we get tough with the technology giants.

TechWorld: A warning from the past: IBM, the Holocaust, ICE and Silicon Valley.

Yes! Magazine: What hate maps reveal: New research offers clues to stopping the spread of organized hate groups.

Infosurhoy: University of Cincinnati political scientist reveals surprising answers about ‘religious freedom.’

Right Wing Watch: Kavanaugh confirmation is a ‘battle between good and evil,’ Trump adviser Robert Jeffress says.

Think Progress: The far right is working overtime to blame the Kavanaugh controversy on George Soros.

Salon: Psychiatrist Justin Frank on Trump: ‘He gives people permission to hate.’

Raw Story: Trump can’t understand why African Americans loathe him — and keeps harping on the unemployment rate.

Vox: A right-wing newspaper is finally retracting the conspiracy theories it published about Seth Rich.

OU Daily (Norman, OK): Oklahoma law professor, associate dean expresses homophobic, sexist views in 2014 book.

CNN: California high school students line up to spell a racial slur at their senior picnic.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Student accused of being a neo-Nazi decides to leave Southern Illinois University.

Gothamist (New York): Brooklyn café owner accused of ties to ‘Proud Boys’ insists he’s ‘not a Nazi.’

Michigan Live: Westboro Baptist Church plans anti-LGBT pickets at three mid-Michigan schools.

BuzzFeed: Seven men have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of plotting a far-right attack on immigrants.

Guardian: Britain’s far right is on the rise – thanks in large part to a willing media.

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